Foot Spray
  • Minimizes the risk of foot fungal
  • Especially suitable for athletes
  • Natural active odour control
  • Restores the microflora of the feet
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  • Probisana Foot Spray is an environmentally-friendly probiotic foot spray that actively combats unpleasant odours and ensures healthy microflora on your feet.

    • Minimizes the risk of foot fungal infections
    • Especially suitable for athletes, swimmers, and people whose work requires them to stand a lot
    • Natural active odour control
    • Restores the microflora of the feet 

    How do you use Probisana Foot Spray

    Shake briefly before use. Spray sparingly. Initial dose: A short spray daily. Maintenance dose: A short spray every 3 days.

    Safe for you, your family, and the environment

    Probisana products are made using 100% natural active ingredients and are enriched with active probiotics. These products have a beneficial effect on both people and pets Probisana products are anti-allergenic and dramatically reduce the risk of allergies and infections. Probisana products are also good for the environment.

    Discover Probisana's unique products for total healthy hygiene for both your home and yourself. Choosing Probisana means choosing a healthier life!

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