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  • We-specialists of lonely death site cleaning-often face one of the most contaminated sites with severe odourand contaminations, where we had to apply detrimental chemicals heavily. However, they do not only damaged surfaces of properties but also harmed our health.

    We searched long and hard for a safe and effective products to replace detrimental chemicals, but often environmentally friendly products do not have cleaning efficacy to clean such serious sites.

    Then, we used Economic Pro with probiotic qualities to clean actual lonely death sites. We are especially satisfied with the following benefits.

    • 1.Cleaning efficacy

      Severe blot such as blood and body liquid are satisfactory removed.
      Also, less bubbles are generated than normal chemical detergent.
      So, it is much easier to wipe off after cleaning.

    • 2.Odour Reduction

      We are amazed by the power of odourreduction. After being cleaned by Economic Pro, the room with a severe foul odoursmelled even better than the other room.

    • 3.Cost effectiveness

      As the products can be diluted by water to apply depending on the degree of contamination, we found it very cost effective.

    • 4.Environment/Health friendliness

      It also does not damage surfaces. Therefore, we confidently recommend Economic Pro in order to reduce the use of detrimental chemicals and obtain highly satisfactory cleaning results.

    Kozue Eda
    March 18, 2018
  • I've been using Chrisal Probiotics in my fitness center for over 2 years now. There is nothing else like it. We always receive great feedback about how my place looks and smells so new and fresh, even after being open for over 3 years.

    The year before I found Chrisal, I used a number of different kinds of cleaners and wet wipes. Some of them seemed to work at the time, but they cost me over $200 per month and my equipment was getting a noticeable ring around the headrests of all the equipment. Now that we use Chrisal PIP products the stains disappeared, I know now that the dark bands were Bio-Film growing and feeding on bacteria.

    Chrisal not only cleans better ans is safe, it also saves me a few thousand dollars a year. My members and trainers are the main benefactors of the product, because they are better protected from the harmful bacteria that can grow in fitness centers. I just opened my second fitness center downtown Cincinnati and I would never think of using anything but Chrisal Probiotics to keep in clean and safe.

    On a side note, when Jack Reinhold from Probiotic Technologies introduced the PIP allergy product to me I was skeptical at first. Now I spray it on every open wound and ear infection my Great Pyrenees dogs get. I used to have to take them to the vet and buy expensive drugs to treat them at least every 6 months. Now I spray the PIP allergy in their ears and the yeast infections and sores clear up within a few days!! My dogs are now 12 years old and healthier and more comfortable than they were before I started treating them.

    Scott Gerke
    March 3, 2011