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  • J'utilise le produit chez moi. PIP: Il m'aide à garder l'air propre et frais. Crème pour le corps: pour les odeurs, elle éliminera les odeurs de sueur. Je suis très content des produits. Ce sont de vrais assistants. Merci pour vos produits!

    January 22, 2019
  • I first heard of Chrisal's cleaning and probiotic qualities through an acquaintance that builds food processing plants before trying them in our centers. At first we tried Chrisal in our home as I have a son with breathing issues and now use Chrisal regularly as it has helped along with other efforts to create a healthy home environment. Regarding our decision to try Chrisal in our fitness centers, which run from in size from 30,000 to over 50,000 square feet, it came about in an effort to maintain a healthy atmosphere, which is always on the forefront in our desire to have our members workout in the best, cleanest and healthiest atmosphere we can provide.

    After testing Chrisal in the first center in Orlando last August and due to the excellent results at that club, we decided to expand the trial to all nine centers in the Orlando Area market and a few months later, one in Tampa and two clubs in South Florida.

    We had the same results with Chrisal over a long period in all the clubs we expanded the trial to.

    In fact Chrisal actually did even far more than their claims. Chrisal proved to not just be another cleaning product, but one that maintained a great level of cleanliness as well as had a great ability to eliminate bad odors so that many members commented on and appreciated the lack of "chemical" smell as well as the improved cleanliness. I was first impressed with using Chrisal as it seemed to clean our tiled areas better than other products we've used and cleaned windows and mirrors better without any type of "streaking' effect that comes with other products. Prior to using Chrisal I asked Howard and Lino to provide copies of some of the university and other hospital studies on Chrisal, which is what first caught my attention.

    The product is also more economical to use and our staff became enthusiastic about using Chrisal because there are no harsh chemicals to handle, smell or breathe like several other cleaning products on the market. Also, as Chrisal claimed, our cleaning staff found it nice that no gloves were necessary in handling the products.

    Also extremely important, is that I requested testing be done by independent outside laboratories after the first six months of Chrisal use. All the independent laboratory testing showed that the Chrisal products proved to reduce the pathogens brought in by the public. Again, we found that very real results in odor control and brightness could be seen the first week or two of Chrisal use as well as confirming the "unseen" benefit of confirming that germ and pathogen control improved. As a final bonus/benefit, I believe anyone using Chrisal will be pleasantly surprised at how tile and grout, along with difficult to clean "stains" in carpet and grout will come back to their original colors.

    At LA Fitness centers we take great care in the products we use and that is why we have taken a full year of trials in a number of facilities before we decided to go forward with Chrisal. Our company has now agreed to start using Chrisal in all of our locations in the state of Florida, which now number 44 locations throughout the state. This is the first step in using Chrisal nationwide.

    As we try to limit the number of vendors we use, we have instructed our central distribution supplier to work with Chrisal to organize handling the delivery of Chrisal to our Centers as a first step towards a nationwide roll-out, because of issues involved with running close to 400 Centers nationwide and Canada, "and one central office in California" we at this time do not purchase directly from vendors and have asked our cleaning supply distributor to work together with Chrisal in making this available to us.

    I am happy to share the above information. I feel that making sure we run clean fitness centers with the best possible products such as Chrisal is best for all, and Chrisal has proven to be an excellent product for LA Fitness.

    Eric Fleischner
    September 12, 2011
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