Datasheet for PIP Aqua Clear
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Product Datasheet
PIP Aqua Clear
  • Properties
    • In many aquariums, biofilm formation causes dirt to lodge in the filter, the water to become murky and pathogenic germs to develop. PIP AquaClear actively combats the biofilm’s binding matrix components so the water is once again clear, clean and hygienic.
    • Because of its neutral composition, PIP AquaClear is completely harmless and can be safely used in all kinds of aquariums.
  • Description

    PIP AquaClear is a powerful probiotic concentrate for cleaning and maintaining aquariums.



INITIAL TREATMENT: 1 litre of PIP AquaClear is sufficient for the treatment of 1000 litres of water.

SUBSEQUENT TREATMENT: 10ml PIP AquaClear / 100 litres / week.

For heavily polluted water, the dose may be increased temporarily to 1 litre of PIP AquaClear per m³ of water per week.

PIP AquaClear is resistant to water temperatures between 5°C and 45°C, with a pH between 5.5 and 9.

  • Lukewarm water promotes the action of probiotics.
  • Never mix the products with other detergents.
  • After cleaning, pour the remainder of the solution down the different drains. The probiotics that are present, are still very useful for keeping the drains and grease traps clean.

Reuse diluted product within 3 days!


The use of biocides should be avoided, and never administered together with PIP AquaClear.

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