Datasheet for PIP Lite Interior
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Product Datasheet
PIP Lite Interior
  • Properties
    • Cleans quickly and effortlessly.
    • Is safe to use on all washable surfaces.
    • Cleans without streaks. 
    • Neutral pH.
    • Greatly reduces the risk of bad smells, biofilm, allergens and harmful germs.
    • Leaves a fresh scent.
  • Description

    PIP Lite Interior is a probiotic all-purpose cleaner suitable for all water-resistant surfaces. The lasting effects of probiotics significantly reduce the risk of biofilm formation.


With atomizer: Dilution 4% = 10 ml of product per 250 ml of water.

  • Dilute the product in the atomizer with water, first fill with water, then add product.
  • Very sparingly spray the surface to be cleaned.
  • As required, (for heavily soiled areas) clean additionally with sponge.
  • Wipe dry with an absorbent cloth (microfibre).

With bucket and cloth: Dilution 0.5% = 5 ml of product per litre of water.

  • Fill the bucket with water and add the product.
  • Clean the material in the usual way.

With premoistened wipes: Dilution 0.5 % = 5 ml of product per litre of water. 

  • Fill a basin with 1 litre of water.
  • Add the product.
  • This dilution can moisten 15 wipes.
  • Clean the material with the wipes in the usual way.

Treat a heavily soiled surface with a recognized biocidal product first.

  • Lukewarm water promotes the action of probiotics.
  • Never mix the products with other detergents.
  • After cleaning, pour the remainder of the solution down the different drains. The probiotics that are present, are still very useful for keeping the drains and grease traps clean.

The product must be stored between 5°C and 45°C, protected from sunlight.

Reuse diluted product within 3 days!

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