Datasheet for Enzyme Cleaner Liquid
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Product Datasheet
Enzyme Cleaner Liquid
  • Properties
    • Cleans and degreases deeper and faster, resulting in time savings of up to 60%.
    • Safe for all washable surfaces.
    • Effortlessly removes dirt off any surface.
    • Removes unpleasant odours, does not simply mask them.
    • Highly concentrated, making it very economical to use.
    • Anti-static effect.
  • Description

    Enzyme Cleaner Liquid is a highly concentrated enzyme-based cleaner that is suitable for a wide range of uses. The product is water-based and enriched with enzymes, which ensures a highly efficient lasting effect in grease traps and waste pipes.


Using a pressure sprayer:

Dilute according to dilution list.

  • Dilute the product in lukewarm water.
  • Evenly spray the surface to be cleaned from bottom to top.
  • Allow contact time, but do not let the product dry.
  • Manually or mechanically remove dirt with a high-quality absorbent cloth.
  • Rinse or spray down with water if necessary.
  • Wipe dry if necessary (e.g. stainless steel surfaces in the catering industry).

Care: once mixed with water, the product retains its enzyme properties for five days. Best stored in a cool room.

Using a bucket and brush/sponge:
Dilute according to dilution list.

  • Fill bucket with lukewarm water.
  • Add product to filled bucket (according to the dilution list).
  • If applicable, place materials to be cleaned in the liquid and allow contact time (e.g. filters, knives and small kitchen utensils).
  • Clean with brush and sponge if necessary.
  • If necessary, dry with disposable tissue or blow-dry with compressed air to a void bacterial infection.

: For cleaning heavily soiled surfaces such as frying pans, ovens, rotisserie machines, hobs, barbecues etc.

Initial clean:
for cleaning walls, kitchens, working surfaces, sanitary equipment, garden furniture, lightly soiled surfaces such as ceramic floors, stone, concrete tiles etc.

All subsequent cleans:
0 .3 to 5%

Care: a dilution of more than 10% does not necessarily produce better results.
Best results are achieved by repeating the process after rinsing.


Store products in a cool room.

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