Datasheet for Floor Cleaner Extra
Professional Series
Product Datasheet
Floor Cleaner Extra
  • Properties
    • Does not damage coatings and markings.
    • Suitable for use in scrubber dryers and single-disc scrubbers.
    • Foam is controlled by an integrated foam inhibitor. 
    • Completely safe for all washable surfaces.
    • Odourless product that removes unpleasant odours (does not simply mask them).
    • Phosphate-free, biologically degradable, non-combustible, non-volatile.
    • Highly economical in use. 
    • Highly efficient.
  • Description

    Floor Cleaner Extra is a powerful cleaner and degreaser for all floors. The product is also extremely suitable for cleaning industrial floors. Always combine with Chrisal foam inhibitor when using the product in scrubber dryers.


Manual: Dilute according to dilution list.

  • First, brush the floor.
  • Dilute the product in water (see dilution list).
  • Clean with mop or cloth. 
  • Allow contact time.
  • Usually, no scrubbing is needed. If necessary, treat with brush or single-disc scrubber.
  • Absorb fluid before it dries. 
  • Rinse if necessary.

Scrubber dryer: Dilute according to dilution list.

  • First, remove coarse dirt.
  • Prepare correct dilution in the machine (see dilution list).
  • Follow the instructions for the machine.


5% = 50 ml of product per litre of water. 
For cleaning heavily soiled floors.
1 – 3% = 10 – 30 ml of product per litre of water. 
For cleaning normally soiled floors.


This product must be stored between 5°C and 45°C, out of direct sunlight. 

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