Datasheet for BAC Unblocking Agent
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Product Datasheet
BAC Unblocking Agent
  • Properties
    • Extremely suitable for unblocking all types of drains.
    • Also safe to use for unblocking toilets.
    • This is a microbial product, specifically developed to prevent blockages and bad smells.
    • Restores the bacterial culture in your grease traps.
    • Is non-aggressive.
  • Description

    BAC Unblocking Agent is an environmentally friendly drain cleaner, based on probiotic bacterial cultures. It not only unblocks, but also completely cleans the drains.



  • For total blockages: mix 100ml of BAC Drain Unblocker with 900ml of lukewarm water and pour down the blocked drain.
    Repeat for seven consecutive days. Usually the drain will be back to normal after 12 hours.
  • Maintenance to prevent blockages: mix 50ml of BAC Drain
    Unblocker with 950ml of lukewarm water and pour down the drain. Repeat every two weeks.

Treat a heavily soiled surface with a recognized biocidal product first.


Store the product between 5°C and 45°C.

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