Datasheet for PIP Animal Housing Stabilizer
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Product Datasheet
PIP Animal Housing Stabilizer
  • Properties

    PIP AHS has a strong triple action for optimal hygiene:

    • Extends the cleaning effect of PIP AHC.
    • Prevents unpleasant odours.
    • Introduces a safe and healthy microflora on surfaces.
  • Description

    PIP Animal Housing Stabilizer is a concentrated spray, enriched with probiotics. PIP AHS prolongs the effect of PIP AHC. The product can be used in any animal enclosure.


Always shake product before use!!!

It is recommended to use the concentrated product.

Fully yet sparingly spray the area to be stabilized.

Prescribed dosages:

  • Chicken sheds: 1 l AHS per 400 m²
  • Cattle sheds: 1 l AHS per 250 m²
  • Farrowing pens: 1 l AHS per 400 m²
  • Porkers: 1 l AHS per 200 m²
  • Sheep, goats 1 l AHS per 250 m²


  • Heavy-duty areas: daily.
  • Normal use areas: every 3 days.

Treat a heavily soiled surface with a recognized biocidal product first.


Store the products between 5°C and 45°C, out of direct sunlight. 

Use diluted product within 3 days. Pour surplus product down the drain.


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