Datasheet for PIP Interior Ecolabel
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Product Datasheet
PIP Interior Ecolabel
  • Properties
    • The product is suitable for all surfaces that can be washed with water and which are not used as food preparation areas.
    • The micro-organisms result in clean surfaces with safe microflora levels.
    • Tested on its cleaning power!
  • Description

    PIP Interior Ecolabel is a powerful, environmentally-friendly probiotic all-purpose cleaning agent containing micro-organisms.


The product should be measured out using an automatic measuring system at 1% for normal pollution, and 0.5% for light pollution.


The product must be stored between 10°C and 40°C, out of direct sunlight.

Shake before use.

Shelf life: see expiry date on packaging.

Warm water is not necessary to dilute the product.

Using the correct dose reduces costs and is less harmful to the environment.

Please dispose of empty packaging in accordance with your local regulations.

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