Datasheet for PIP Aquatec
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Product Datasheet
PIP Aquatec
  • Properties
    • The product can be introduced into the water system by using a dosatron or manually.
    • Pulse dosing provides better results than continuous dosing.
    • In the event of sudden water problems, temporarily re-administer the initial dose.
  • Description

    PIP Aquatec is a probiotic concentrate for the treatment and maintenance of small to medium-sized industrial water systems.


Always shake before use!!

Initial treatment: First 4 weeks daily 1 litre of PIP Aquatec Basic per 100,000 litres of water.

Maintenance dose: Daily 100 ml PIP Aquatec Basic per 100,000 litres of water.

PIP Aquatec Basic is resistant to water temperatures between 5 °C and 70 °C, with a pH between 5.5 and 9.


Store the products between 5 °C and 45 °C, out of direct sunlight. The diluted product has a limited shelf life of 5 days.

The use of biocides should be avoided, and never administered together with PIP Aquatec Basic.

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