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All Friends Shampoo

Enriched with natural ingredients and safe for everyone

All Friends Animal Shampoo from Chrisal is a probiotic shampoo for animals. It keeps your pet's fur, coat and skin clean and free from allergens and unpleasant odours. This shampoo is 100% safe for people and animals.

Minimizes the risk of allergic reactions

A healthy coat or fur is extremely important for your pet's overall health. If it is dirty or uncared for, this can lead to skin problems, allergies or unpleasant odours. The probiotics in All Friends Animal Shampoo actively remove dirt and allergens in your pet's coat, keeping it clean and healthy. Your pet will feel happier and will no longer spread unpleasant odours.

Probiotics are environmentally friendly

Many animals have skin problems or allergies. Fur or hair often attracts dirt, allergens or harmful micro-organisms. Chrisal developed this probiotic shampoo to keep your pet's fur or coat as clean as possible. Not only does this benefit the animal: it also helps people who are allergic to substances in animal hair or fur. As well as being 100% natural, probiotics also actively contribute to maintaining the environment.

How do you use our All Friends Animal Shampoo

Shake All Friends Animal Shampoo well before use. Wet your pet's coat with hand-warm water, apply the shampoo to its back and rub it into the entire coat for a few minutes. To finish off, rinse the shampoo out with hand-warm water.

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