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Animal House Cleaner - 5L
All Friends - Animal House Cleaner - 5L

Clean using probiotics, not disinfectants

All Friends Animal House Cleaner has a strong, three-fold effect that ensures optimal hygiene:

  • In-depth microscopic cleaning removes even the tiniest impurities
  • Removes and prevents unpleasant odours
  • Applies safe and healthy microflora to surfaces

Remove unpleasant odours

Animals’ living quarters (cages, kennels, coops, stalls) have to cope with excrement, food remains, litter and even, occasionally, the weather. This means that they can get filthy very quickly and smell unpleasant as a result. All Friends’ foam cleaner penetrates the surface to effectively remove bad odours.

Reduces the risk of infections

All Friends Animal House Cleaner is a highly concentrated biodegradable foam cleaner enriched with probiotics for all types of animal housing. Thanks to enzymes and probiotics, it has a long-lasting residual effect which significantly reduces the risk of unpleasant odours and infections while promoting healthy microflora in the environment.

Combine with our All Friends Animal House Stabilizer

All Friends Animal House Stabilizer can compound the effect by ensuring well-balanced microflora.

How do you use All Friends Animal House Cleaner

Dilute the product with hot water and clean the animal housing according to your normal procedure.


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