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Smell Remover
All Friends - Smell Remover

Use probiotics to remove unpleasant odours

All Friends Animal Smell Remover from Chrisal is a probiotic spray for animals and their environment. It contains probiotics that actively prevent the unpleasant smells that animals can produce. It also ensures healthy microflora in the environment and significantly reduces the risk of germs.

Guarantees healthy microflora

Odours are usually caused by digestive gasses released by micro-organisms. The probiotics sprayed on the animal’s body digest nutrients without producing an odour. In the short term, they also ensure a larger number of micro-organisms that do not produce any odour. This effectively combats odours both on and around your pet.

Enriched with 100% natural ingredients

As well as being 100% natural, probiotics also actively contribute to maintaining the environment.

How do you use All Friends Animal Smell Remover

For the first week, spray All Friends Animal Smell Remover Spray once a day on your pet and places where it often spends time, without wetting either After this, twice a week is enough.


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